The National Poetry Slam typically runs with the aid of hundreds of volunteers, both leading up to the event and during the week of the event itself. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the following tasks (no experience required):


Merchandise: Sell merchandise belonging to the Poets. You will be responsible for keeping an accurate account of the merchandise received/returned to each Poet and keeping an accurate count of the money collected and owed to each Poet.

Scorekeeper: Write down the Poet’s score and tally them up.

Timekeeper:  Keep track of the Poet’s time using a stop watch.

Registration: Check poets in as they arrive in Charlotte. Assist in giving out Poet/Volunteer badges.

 Runner: A flexible generalist – You will assist with a little of everything!

Greeter: Greet the Poet’s as they arrive at the hotel/Slam headquarters and help with directions to the various events.

 T-shirts: Sell event T-shirts. You will need to be able to count money, return appropriate change and keep an accurate count of the number of shirts sold.

 Bout Managers/Emcees are selected by PSi

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